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This screen supports the flexible construction of queries regarding the number and total page count of a set of specified articles. The general procedure is to first use any combination of selection criteria ranging from Periodicals to Education and / or any specified publication year range, and / or containing any specific word in the article title, to limit the query to a specific set of articles (or poems or poem groups) and then to use the Aggregate By capability to organize the presentation of results.
As a simple example, consider verse published in Ainsworth's Magazine. To study this periodical, first select "Ainsworth's Magazine" from the list that appears upon clicking Periodicals. To limit the study to poetry, then click "verse" from Article Type. To limit the study to poetry by women, select "female" from Gender. These filter selections collectively generate a particular set of indexed articles. Now move to the Aggregate By feature. To, for example, see the changing pattern over time, select "Article Year" from the Aggregate by box. The result will be a table showing the number of poems or poem groups by women published in Ainsworth's Magazine each year along with respective total page counts. Or select "Contributor Nationality" to get a breakdown of poems and page counts associated with different nationalities.
Alternately, if one wanted to study early Victorian poetry in monthlies more generally, sequentially select several early monthlies, then select verse, and then, perhaps, select "Periodical" in Aggregate by to get separate totals for each periodical. Or use the Publication Year Search slide to limit a study to a set range of years. Or one could limit the search to poems with "Irish" in the title.
Obviously this is not limited to verse. One could use other selection criteria -- e.g. simply select "Harriet Martineau" from Contributors and then select "Article Year" from Aggregate by to see how many writings listed in the Curran Index she published per year. Or use Nationality and any given set of periodicals to consider the respective contributions of Irish and Scottish contributors to those periodicals. Or use Education to see how many articles were written by contributors who attended Brasenose College, Oxford. Select whichever mix of periodicals, contributors, article types, genders nationalities, education, publication years, and title words you wish, and then adopt the aggregation method that most interests you.
Copy and paste the results to Excel to retain the information or to display results graphically.